24 May 2005

We are Outta Here!

Rod's Blog
We have comme through security and are sitting here waiting to board our flight outta here to Chicago, Paris and finally Abidjan. Interestingly enough while getting a cup of coffee after checking in we happened to meet Dave Ragsdale and his family who were up from Eugene to pick up his son Seth who is back from Afghanistan. He is with the Air Force and it looks like he is to be stationed next in Ft. Louis, Washington. We have not see these guys since 1999 and it was great to meet them this morning. Incidently Seth arrived with his older brother's (Arlen) fiancée, (I forget her name). Interesting the way paths cross and the way we meet at times.

We are scheduled to be in Paris for about 14 hrs tomorrow and then on to Abidjan from there. We might or might not be able to post anything on line once we get there. For those of you who are in the habit of praying, and I would hope that is most of you, you might mention to God this trip and ask him to keep us from getting too tired.

Talk to you all later.

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