21 May 2005

One day at a time

Rod's Blog
At this point we are two days from flying to CI for three weeks. Today we had a little missions program at FBC in Hillsboro for children. We gave all the kids passports and plane tickets and then "flew" them first to Johannesburg in South Africa where my brother John and his wife Carol work with TWR. They visited with a "Swazi warrior" who told them how the mango got its name. After this visit they boarded the plane and flew to CI where they met some old guy called "BaSouleymane" who then told them the story of the hare and the digging of the water hole in the bush, how he got caught by the tortoise for his mischievousness and his punishment. You need to hear the story if you are curious! After their visit with BaSouleymane they got back on the plane and fly to Kenya to see the Tom Smith family in a Digo village on the coast. There they learned how to open a coconut and how drink the milk. After eating some snacks they all got back on the plane to fly back to the US and to Hillsboro. We had a great time with all of them and I think that they will have a thing or two to tell their parents when they get home. After the program this morning I ran down to Skydive Oregon to make a couple of tandem jumps and pack chutes. Interesting seeing so many good friends at SDO whom I have not seen since last fall when I first got back. Seemed that today was the day that everyone decided that skydiving is an alright activity for the rest of the summer. As it was as soon as I got there the sky began to drop forcing us to get out with our students about 5000 feet lower than normal. We still had a great time and our students were pumped and that is the key!

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