15 July 2011

As many of you know,we have been in Germany since June 24th when we arrived from Côte d'Ivoire for a long needed break. One of the things I was able to do last week was to take off in a powered para-glider that a friend of ours has and fly for about 10 minutes. a para-glider is very similar to a parachute so there is a lot of crossover. However, running with a 60lbs motor on your back while keeping the lines out of the propeller and giving the motor gas at the same time is a hoot. The sensation of leaving the ground below you is so opposite from the feeling of arriving under canopy. That was an experience worth repeating! Here is the clip, albeit poor, it is definitely me. Of course now the question is; how can I get one of these to RCI?


Anonymous said...

So we get a glimpse of one of your best kept secrets: practicing for the rapture, so you can cut in line ahead of the dead in Christ.

Endure patiently and enjoy the exercise.

Lisa E said...

Hey there, I am a former ICAer ('84, '85, '87, '88; I knew your sister-in-law Carol well), & am hoping you are still taking care of things at ICA these days. We're planning a trip back to CI in March for the dedication of the Yaoure NT, a Wycliffe/SIL project my parents worked on. I would love to take my husband to see the school that had such an influence on me. If you're still there, I'm hoping you can help me out with that!

I'm leaving my email here - since I don't see another easy way to reach you - but would appreciate it if you could delete it once we've made contact that way.

Lisa (Elizabeth) Frank Ellis

Lisa E said...

(Actually, not sure it really did give you access to my email. Use lellisjunkmail@gmail.com and it'll get to me. :))