13 July 2009

Just some of what's been happening

We have been in the US a grand total of 3 weeks and we have been through 6 different western states, seen hundreds of friends and colleagues, eaten far more than what has been good for us, spent more money than we ever intended and yes, we are still married and even talking to each other.

I have officially entered the 21st century I am told. I recently purchased a Blackberry which I am actually attempting to use to write this blog. So far I like it alright though I do find the keys mighty close together. It is supposed to change the way I communicate but I must say that so far Angelika is not impressed!

About one week ago we drove to Denver, Colorado to pick up Keo Kognon, the director of the Bethel Bible Institute where I teach in Korhogo, north Cote d'Ivoire. He arrived on the 3rd of July and spent the 4th sleeping and catching up on lost sleep. We arrived on the morning of the 5th after driving for 23 hours straight.

After a few hours of sleep we were off to New Life Fellowship where we enjoyed some great fellowship with some dear friends. In the meantime Keo was off to another church, North Metro in Denver with Jim Copeland from WorldVenture's mobilisation department.

That afternoon we spent time visiting with Bob and Pam Hubbard (OT Professor at North Park Seminary in Chicago) and their two kids, Ben and Matt. Matt and his wife own an apartment in downtown Denver which was nothing less than amazing. It was also great to spend time with Ben who spent about 9 weeks in Cote d'Ivoire with me back in 1996.., I think, when he was 18 and I was younger! Age is getting to me.

After two whirlwind days at our home office and touching base with other friends in the area we took off Wednesday morning heading west on our way back to Oregon. Stopping to see friends along the way we arrived in Hillsboro at about 6h00 Thursday morning and after travelling for another 24 hours. Thursday night Angelika spent the night at Mark Colligan's place with his boys while he spent the night at hospital with Liz, his wife who is nearing the end of a loosing battle with cancer.

Friday afternoon we were off the our church family camp at Camp Tadmor where we had a blast shooting each other in their paint ball course as well as eating too much and swimming in the lake. Saturday evening we got home at 22h30 and slept for a few hours before heading to Lincoln City at 6h00 to make their 8h30 service.

After a day at Faith Baptist in Lincoln City we headed home arriving tired and with aching hearts as we watch our sister Liz slipping away. It is hard to know where, what, when... then we remember that God is.


ldamoff said...

My prayers are with Liz and her family. I hope the rest of the trip goes well and that you manage to get some good rest in, alongside all the eating. Send my grettings to Angelika. How long will you guys be in Oregon?


Andrew said...

I'm sorry that I didn't know that you were in Denver last July. I would love to have seen you and to have introduced you to my family. I have often wondered what happened to you. It is such a blessing to know that you and your wife are being so used of the Lord. I will pray for both of you now. God's blessings to you.
From, Kim Edlund

Anonymous said...

Brim over I assent to but I think the collection should secure more info then it has.

Greg Flay said...

You are an amazing man, Rod Ragsdale (aka Basouleyman Coulibaly). This is Greg Flay, the itinerant PhD student you met in Abidjan 20 years ago. My email is jjflay@verizon.net. Drop me a line if you get a chance. Peace.