10 October 2007

We Bought the Farm!

Truth is a House!

For the first time in my life I am in dept up to my ears. Today Angelika and I signed a contract to purchase a house from my folks. With Thomas Moore, the lawyer hired to write up the contract as well as both mom and dad, we sat and read through the document which states that I am indebted to them until the house is paid for. This is a big step for the two of us who live in a cash society in Africa where this sort of a set-up is unheard of. The house that we purchased can be seen on Google if you do a search for: 163 NE Lincoln Ct. Hillsboro, OR 97124.

The second big step we took was to rent it out to a couple who has just returned to Oregon after a brief foray of two months to California. They were glad to find a place within their price range and such a nice place at that and we are thrilled to have renters from the first day that this house became our responsibility.

So it is that today we signed two contracts and have moved from being among those who mark on their tax returns that they own no home in the USA to those who mark that they do. We find ourselves among those who make regular contributions to the city and county for the better operation of things such as utilities, city centers, parks and office buildings. Who knows, maybe we are paying for stuff now that actually benefits us and those around us!

We Lost Some Friends

On the sad note, many of you may have heard the sad news concerning the crash of the Grand Caravan near White Pass, Washington at the beginning of this week. It was carrying 9 skydivers back to Shelton, Washington following the Caravan Boogie Star Skydiving Center of Star, Idaho. There were ten on board and as of yesterday searchers had found all of the victims of this tragic crash.

Knowing skydivers and having met some of these guys it is hard to imagine such a full loss. According to the reports that I have read, some authorities are asking if icing may not have been the cause of this crash. I would ask that you be in prayer for the families of these skydivers and the pilot. I know personally the owners of the plane and I have jumped with several of those who lost their lives in this accident. To loose so many in one accident of course has huge implications for their home drop zone in Snohomish, Washington. It will also impact the future operations of Kapowsin Air Sports in Shelton, Washington, the drop zone where this plane was based.

Planes are often rented from one DZ to another such as Farrington’s plane had been that weekend to the Star, Idaho for the “Caravan Boogie”. Unfortunately for the team from Snohomish and their families this accident ended the dreams and hopes of many at one time. Pray that those who are left would find their hope in God in the days and months to come. There are very few skydivers in my experience who would say that they are believers or followers of Jesus, which is just one more reason to pray for their families and friends. As one of the brothers of one of the guys lost in the accident said, “Skydivers form a tight bond with each other.” This tragedy is bound to have a significant impact on the entire family. My prayer is that it would cause many to ask what the purpose of life is, even when it is cut short as it has been for these great skydivers. As we say in skydiver, “All the best and Blue Skies!”

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childlife said...

First let me say, Wa-hoo! I check in and find not one, but TWO new posts. .. I was so excited I hardly knew which one to read first!

Congrats on the new house and on finding renters so quickly - I really wish we could have connected with you guys while we were here. We seemed to just miss you coming and going...

We were very sorry to read about the plane crash you mentioned - we had no idea that you knew some of the folks on board and will add the families to our prayers - and for you as well as you begin to heal from the loss of friends.